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     ​September 5, 2013

     Healthy @ Home has utilized the services of All Coast Medical Billing & Consulting for multiple projects. We are a large, four-site HME          and Home Infusion Provider. Sherry Claypool, the co-owner and founder of All Coast, has been instrumental in assisting the HME                service line of our business.

     Ms. Claypool and her team provided detailed analysis and clean-up of our aged Accounts Receivable, and most recently, has been              fully engaged with our quest to remediate documentation holds for our unbilled revenue challenges. 

     All Coast Medical Billing and Consulting demonstrates a profound understanding of the business which allows them to conquer                    challenges that are most commonly faced by those of us in the industry. 

     The All Coast work ethic is simply unsurpassed and this resonates and passes through to the members of their carefully chosen team.  


      Debi Shurtleff  
      Director of Finance – Patient Accounts 
      CMC Home Infusion & Equipment 
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