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 All Coast Physician Billing and Credentialing

At All Coast, we have the best people in the industry. Our employees are required to continuously upgrade their skills by obtaining ongoing CEU'S and attending Medicare training seminars. This ensures we stay current with the ever changing Medicare, Medicare Secondary Payor and Private Insurance rules. This requirement makes our staff more employable to us and more valuable to you.

Credentialing Services
We offer an extensive credentialing package. Our staff will complete, submit and follow up all insurance enrollment applications. We will secure provider numbers for all physicians and all non-physician practitioners as well as your group.
Our billing services feature detailed monthly reports including, but not limited to:
  • AR Management
  • Carrier Reporting
  • Denial Management + Staff training to reduce future denials
  • Any other information deemed pertinent to your practice.
Physician Services

Our physician's billing service eliminates costly and time consuming aspects of patient claims. Our staff will check eligibility, code to the highest level, track claims and manage denials. Processing patient statements and making collection phone calls are also available options.